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M METALIZARD is a National level company also developing international projects in Gabon, Mexico and Portugal, have two workplaces in Castilla y León (Béjar and Venta de Baños) activities targeted at the heavy boiler, hydromechanical elements, large metal constructions and industrial installations. To allow for these projects, METALIZARD has a highly qualified team, with ongoing training, committed to a job well done, finding in the effort and commitment, the foundations to achieve their goals. METALIZARD is ready to execute any project. We seek the most appropriate solutions. Our aim is to achieve perfect execution of work and customer satisfaction.


ISO                                                                                                                                          METALIZARD, S.L.                                                                                                                             All equipment conforms the company is convinced that the continued improvement of the production process is the guarantee of the final product, for it Metalizard has implemented a management system and organization audited by SGS finding it according to ISO 9001- 2015 standard.

ISO 9001:2015

We offer all our customers the ISO certificate qualities of our company  Descargar  

All our welding processes are certified by internationally recognized companies prior to this process raw steel material either carbon or stainless steel is cut, folded, curved and armed for it, METALIZARD has machines and cutting-edge tools. 2


B BRIDGES, VIADUCTS AND LARGE STRUCTURES 04.5: metal C BUILDINGS 03.5: Steel Structures. E HYDRAULIC 01.2: Supply and Sanitation. 04.2: Ditches and Drains. 05.2: Defenses Margins and Channeling. 06.2: Pressure Tubing Conduit large diameter. 07.4: Hydraulic Works unrated specified. J MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS 05.3: Mechanical facilities without specific qualification. 3

The health monitoring is extreme, METALIZARD has qualified technicians and external collaborators as Universal Mutual and Quironprevención.